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Stressed Sideliners

Stressed Sideliners hold a mix of conservative and liberal views and are the least politically engaged typology group. Generally disconnected from politics and the two major parties, they vote at lower rates than most other typology groups. About four-in-ten live in lower-income households, and they are the group most likely to describe their personal financial situation as only fair or poor.
Stressed Sideliners are split evenly between the Republican Party and Democratic Party, while one-in-ten don’t lean toward either party. They lean liberal on economic issues and tilt conservative on some social issues.

Sounds about right for the most part - money/financial isnt a issue anymore for me. It was a issue two years ago but went from red and steadily been in the black since.

I cant 100% support Republicans nor Democrats. Both sides have aspects I like but also equally do not like.


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