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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have you ever quit a game due to difficulty?

If I'm stuck at a particular part and I can lower the difficulty and I've tried for enough time, I lower it

Can't wait for The Zelder Scrolls 3: Breath of The Wild Hunt!

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Mostly in older games with limited continues. Like Final Fight for the SNES. That game is impossible.

kirby007 said:

red alert, The infiltration missions without base building were doing my head in back in the day

Yeah, I remember getting stuck on one of those too.  I beat quite a few of them, but I got stuck on one later into the game.

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Hades. Usually I only buy games I can complete. It's a combination of difficulty and me not being bothered to start over again due to a lapse in concentration.

These rogue or whatever they are called are not for me. And this is defo a more me thing than the game thing as I know people have beaten games like Hades and Returnal with no issues.