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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 Ships 13.4 Million Units as of September 30, PS4 Ships 116.6 Million

Radek said:
EricHiggin said:

Maybe something like this? The bottom one would be like PS2 Slim thin.

The middle one looks somewhat believeable. But if they decided to make it they have to make sure it runs as quiet as PS4 Slim from 2016 does.

The top being the slim, which isn't even that much slimmer than the OG. If they wanted to keep the PSU internal it would probably have to be the middle size, which would keep the same look overall as well. TSMC 7nm is pretty darn efficient with Ryzen and Radeon and that's at really high clocks as well. The PS4 clocks are low enough that heat should be a minor concern in a super slim, depending on how much they dared squeeze it.