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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Japan's Love for Xbox Series Continues (New Record Week)


How many Xbox Series Consoles need to be sold in Japan for it to be considered successful?

500,000 16 24.24%
750,000 5 7.58%
1,000,000 20 30.30%
1,250,000 4 6.06%
1,500,000 2 3.03%
2,000,000 2 3.03%
3,000,000+ 17 25.76%

Xbox has made a nice turn-around in Japan.  It looks like they learned from the past and are pointed in the right direction.  With more hardware sales comes more developer interest in putting their games on Xbox.  

It would have been nice to know how much it would have sold without supply constraints.

Will it break a million lifetime? 

Will it surpass the 360's sales? avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

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It has a long ways to go to surpass the Xbox 360, which sold 1.6 million and the OG Xbox with sales around 500K. But it is nice Xbox is seeing some signs of life in Japan.

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I mean, it's still not good, but it's better.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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What is the cause of the increased sales in Japan? Are those that never owned the system buying it to play all past games they missed on gamepass, or are they buying it for the future games that will be coming to the system? I don't read all of the weekly famitsu sales charts has there ever been an Xbox X game on the top 30 sold list of any given week? Even Playstatoin 5 games rarely crack into the top 30 list for more than a few weeks before Switch games from 4 years ago passes them by on the weekly charts.

Xbox would need a pretty quick turnaround in Japan in order to surpass 360 sales, which weren't great either lol but around 1.5 million 360's sold in Japan last I checked isn't bad considering it's Xbox. That is the dream though for Microsoft. They're really pushing hard in the Japanese market. Prominent JRPG's are making their way into Game Pass and Sarah Bond announced Xbox had partnered with over 200 Japanese indie developers via the ID@Xbox program. Now that they own a Japanese studio in Tango Gameworks and are partnering with major Japanese studios like Kojima Productions, although idk if that deal has been officially signed, who knows what the future might hold.

Also Japanese gamers love mobile and handheld gaming, so Xbox Cloud Gaming might actually be bigger in Japan than consoles tbh.

We're still talking years though till Microsoft is able to make a dent in the Japanese market, but it is good that there is progress.

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The 360 sold 62k in it's first 2 days and 290k by the end of 2006. So Series is very far behind in that battle.

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Selling 1700 in retail software and having a major retailer stop selling the Series as of Nov 7th is not love.

It's truly impressive how big the turnaround has been for Xbox in Japan, compared to Xbox One last gen. Xbox Series is looking like it will pass Xbox One lifetime sales in Japan before the end of 2021, and Xbox Series has managed to accomplish that without any big Japanese exclusives. I think if Phil actually goes for some 2nd party JP exclusives or acquires more JP studios for their 1st party than just Tango Gameworks, Xbox Series should be able to surpass OG Xbox's 530k in Japan before the end of the generation. I doubt that Xbox 360's 1.6m is possible this gen though, but if Xbox keeps investing in Japan and keeps building a 1st party presence in Japan, maybe 360 sales numbers could be in reach for Xbox next gen. 

I expect next week's data to be an even bigger sales week for Xbox in Japan, the Series S apparently received big restocks and was #1 for awhile at 2 different online retailers in Japan, Bic and Yodobashi. The Xbox Live Gold card on Amazon Japan also reached what may be an all-time high of #16 yesterday, and is currently the top selling subscription card on Amazon Japan, ahead of Switch Online and PS+.

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Blood_Tears said:

Selling 1700 in retail software and having a major retailer stop selling the Series as of Nov 7th is not love.

They have only released 4 games as physical on Xbox Series, and all 4 were small print runs, which is why retail software sales are low. Clearly 100k+ people didn't buy an Xbox Series S or X just to watch it collect dust though, clearly lots of people are buying Xbox games digitally and subscribing to Gamepass in Japan. As for the retailer you are talking about, GEO, from what I've heard they are only going to stop selling used Xbox merchandise and accepting Xbox Series trade-ins, new Xbox consoles will still be sold by them. Xbox is also being sold at 2 other big JP retailers, Yodobashi and Bic, both in many of their retail stores and on their websites, as well as Amazon Japan, which is the biggest online retailer in Japan (Yodobashi is the 2nd largest online retailer in Japan after Amazon).

Here is a recent Series S restock at one of that retailer's stores (the retailer you are talking about, GEO):

The same display case at the same retailer taken not too long afterward: 

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