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Forums - Sports Discussion - The NFL Thread 2021: Super Wild Card Weekend - Bengals, Bills, Bucs, 49ers, Chiefs, Rams Advance - Prediction League Results


Who will win Super Bowl LVI?

Kansas City Chiefs 2 10.00%
Buffalo Bills 2 10.00%
Baltimore Ravens 0 0%
Cleveland Browns 1 5.00%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7 35.00%
Green Bay Packers 3 15.00%
Los Angeles Rams 1 5.00%
New Orleans Saints 0 0%
Other (AFC) 3 15.00%
Other (NFC) 1 5.00%
Metallox said:

LOL at "Steelers clinch playoff berth".

Yeah, they won a rematch with the Chiefs.  In week 16 they were down 23-0 at the half and lost 36-10.

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What a game to end the season. On to the playoffs, let’s go pats.

Man, poor Justin Herbert. The dude is a legit superstar, but his defense did him NO favors.

theRepublic said:
Metallox said:

LOL at "Steelers clinch playoff berth".

Yeah, they won a rematch with the Chiefs.  In week 16 they were down 23-0 at the half and lost 36-10.

Yeah, Patrick Maholmes has torched the Steelers D for 584 yards, 9 TD's and 0 int's in his two games against them (2018 and this year).  So, I rationally don't have high hopes for Pittsburgh going into KC.  But, I do believe they earned the right to be there.  The Steelers were 4-2 in the AFC North this year, and posted wins over 2 playoff teams along the way (the AFC East Champ Buffalo Bills, and the AFC South Champ Tennessee Titans).  Although they needed help to get in (Jags over Colts, and no-tie in Chargers-Raiders, which was the option I thought I had to worry about the least and yet almost happened), I wouldn't say they backed into the playoffs.  They took a hand in their own destiny by beating 2 division rivals also fighting for playoff spots to close out the season.  And twice yesterday, Big Ben was given the ball with the game on the line, and he drove them downfield both times (the TD to take the lead late 4th quarter, and then the FG to win in OT).

Another thing I will say is that I'm glad to see Big Ben go out on a winning season that includes a postseason trip.  For NFL All-Time marks, he ranks 5th highest in Passing Attempts, Completions, and Yards, & 8th in TD's (sadly only needed 3 more TD's to pass Philip Rivers and Dan Marino).  And, he leaves with 2 Super Bowl rings.  That's a great legacy to go out on.  He outlasted every other QB in his draft class, didn't have to change teams like Philip Rivers, and didn't suffer the humiliation the Giants put Eli Manning through of getting benched and ending his career as a backup QB on a losing team.  It's been a hell of a run, and I'll be happy to see him suit up one more time in mid-January when 18 other team's seasons have ended already.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Week 18 Results and Standings

View the spreadsheet with all collected data here. Check your own statlines and let me know if there are any mistakes.

Heroes of the week: Farsala, LudicrousSpeed, NobleTeam360, PAOerfulone.

The final week of the regular season brought us mediocre results with the best records being only 10-6. For the fourth consecutive week we had a success rate of below 30% for hero picks, so the final numbers for the season are 70 of 175 for a rate of exactly 40%.

2Chris Hu9-72

Shaunodon finishes the season on a low note, but his victory was never in danger because sethnintendo didn't do much better either. There is only one position shift in the standings and that's me overtaking Farsala. Overall, the prediction league has mostly recovered from the month of doom during mid-season, but ultimately there are still only five people who managed to finish .625 or better this year.

10Chris Hu165-107.60720111551-

Since the regular season is now over, I'll post the Hero Pick table too. (Number of attempts followed by successful attempts and success rate.) Shaunodon's edge in the standings comes down almost entirely to doing significantly better than sethnintendo and PAOerfulone with hero picks.

Chris Hu6116,7%

Moving on to the playoffs, it was previously announced that we'll have a new tournament mode this year. The second post of this thread contains the six games of Super Wild Card Weekend, so fill in your winners and the margin of victory (e.g. PIT by 38). The usual deadline to submit and change picks applies. The top 4 of this minileague format (Super Wild Card Weekend and Divisional Playoffs) will advance to the semifinals (NFL Championship Games).

Since there are only 10 games to predict in this minileague, it's almost certain that the tie-breaker will come into play to determine the top 4, so think about the margins of victory you'll predict. Anyone who forgets to predict a margin of victory for even only a single game will lose the tie-breaking procedure by default.

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Damn, it looked like the Chargers and Raiders were really going to tie this one. A shame.

My bet with The_Liquid_Laser: I think the Switch won't surpass the PS2 as the best selling system of all time. If it does, I'll play a game of a list that The_Liquid_Laser will provide, I will have to play it for 50 hours or complete it, whatever comes first. 

Looks like I was completely wrong when I said Hero picks would only benefit people on the bottom of the standings. In the end people on the bottom of the standings got hero picks wrong a lot more than people on top of the standings.


49ers and Cowboys are facing off in the playoffs.

When was the last time THAT happened?

My household’s gonna be divided this weekend.

RolStoppable said:
LV-CINBengals by 10NE-BUFBills by 4PHI-TBBuccaneers by 10
SF-DALCowboys by 14PIT-KCChiefs by 17ARI-LARRams by 3