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Who will win Super Bowl LVI?

Kansas City Chiefs 2 10.00%
Buffalo Bills 2 10.00%
Baltimore Ravens 0 0%
Cleveland Browns 1 5.00%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7 35.00%
Green Bay Packers 3 15.00%
Los Angeles Rams 1 5.00%
New Orleans Saints 0 0%
Other (AFC) 3 15.00%
Other (NFC) 1 5.00%
Angelus said:
hatmoza said:

So in Cleveland rumors are swirling and people in the local media, and who are in the know, are saying Baker played his last game as a Brown after that embarrassing Steelers game after what has been a very embarrassing season for him. Here are the rumors:

-When OBJ was booted from Cleveland in the early weeks of the season, many players actually sided with OBJ, and the locker room was split. Many, if not the majority, sided with OBJ and thought the coaching staff and Baker were the hindrance to the offense, not OBJ.

-Players have been dropping hints that they don't care for Baker all along. Kareem Hunt is allegedly avoiding the media since his father released a video criticizing Baker. A video similar to OBJ's dad but got less media attention. Jarvis Landry, who was a very very close friend to OBJ, never spoke to the media since because he blamed coaching decisions and Baker. Greedy Williams was liking tweets that were calling out Baker's piss poor play (I actually remember personally seeing these tweets). But the biggest one is Brown's super star, Myles Garret, openly siding with OBJ in multiple press conference during and after OBJ's release. Other defensive players, such as John Johnson III, have also openly admitted that they lost a superstar in OBJ in press conferences. Baker himself has mentioned "internal" issues as recently as 4 weeks ago and as far back as OBJ's release, but people dismissed Baker's comment as referring to just the OBJ issue. But many speculated the issues were his teammates just didn't trust him anymore since.

-Baker criticized the offensive coaches and head coach about being too conservative (implying that they won't let him throw the ball deep) in a press conference 3 or 4 weeks ago. Since then, he was let loose and set record high INT stats (I think the highest since being drafted) including the Greenbay 4 pick game. Some speculate that was deliberate by the coach and GM to expose him after he openly criticized them

- The bomb shell though, is that the Browns have already mutually ruled Baker out from this Sunday's game not even 24 hours after the Steeler's loss. The timing of this is too early, and Baker didn't get any further injuries from that Steeler's game. Furthermore, Baker said immediately after that Steelers game he will be talking to his agent about his future. The latest headline for Baker is he's finally having that shoulder injury surgery.

The Browns are done with him, and Baker is done with Browns. And I for one am happy.

Weren't you part of the "Baker is great, OBJ is cancer" crowd? 

If this stuff is accurate, what's there for a Browns fan to be happy about? You're once again going to be without a franchise QB, and your players are apparently resentful of the coaching staff, which isn't usually a tenable situation. I fail to see any cause to be particularly pleased.

Yes. I genuinely did believe OBJ was the cancer, but seeing him play incredibly in LA has truly changed my opinion about the whole matter.

I could have sworn I ranted about that here. But it could have been somewhere on youtube comments. In short, I was wrong about OBJ. Really really wrong.


I'm more happy that Baker's potentially gone specifically, as I do think the GM and coach Stefanski are able to learn and rebound from this year's mistakes. But they did fuck up a lot this season.

I am the black sheep     "of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong."-Robert Anton Wilson

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Rodgers calls an award voter a bum. Rightly so.

Rodgers has lied about his vaccination status, missed a high profile game against the Kansas City Chiefs and was rightfully branded as an idiot in this thread, but that should hold nowhere near enough weight to make his play on the field irrelevant. Since the collective week 1 Packers collapse against the Saints, Rodgers has posted a TD:INT ratio of 35:2.

The irony in this story is that Hub Arkush, who criticized Aaron Rodgers for his poor conduct off the field, became guilty of poor conduct himself by talking about who he isn't going to vote for. The process demands that journalists don't talk about it until after the awards show. This isn't an offense where Arkush should be excluded from the voting process as a consequence, but it does make it fair to call him a bum.


As for the MVP discussion in general, the only real contender for Rodgers should be Jonathan Taylor from the Indianapolis Colts. Quarterbacks almost always win the MVP vote because their position is so central to an entire team's ability to win games. But occasionally there is a running back who is far more important than his team's QB to winning games, and Taylor is one of these rare RBs. If the Colts make the playoffs, and they likely will despite not winning a game in Jacksonville since seven years ago (mindblowing crazy stat, by the way), then I wouldn't mind if Taylor got the honors.

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Well all I can say is the Steelers still don't have a losing season with Tomlin, but the team really makes it close. I am sure they consider all the 8-8 seasons and not making playoffs a loss though. This could be the 4th under Tomlin due to the tie this season.

RolStoppable said:

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Too bad Joe Burrow isn't playing this week he probably could have easily passed for over 400 yards again. Joe Burrow was the best player in week 16 and 17 with 525 and 446 passing yards and four passing TDs in both games. His performance in week 16 is actually the best performance of the year and decade so far.

I pick the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys for tonight's games.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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RolStoppable said:

I pick the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys for tonight's games.