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Forums - Sports Discussion - The NFL Thread 2021: Los Angeles Rams Win Super Bowl LVI


Who will win Super Bowl LVI?

Kansas City Chiefs 2 9.09%
Buffalo Bills 2 9.09%
Baltimore Ravens 0 0%
Cleveland Browns 1 4.55%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7 31.82%
Green Bay Packers 3 13.64%
Los Angeles Rams 3 13.64%
New Orleans Saints 0 0%
Other (AFC) 3 13.64%
Other (NFC) 1 4.55%


Commenting only on the Thanksgiving games:

On one hand it feels like Detroit has to win a game eventually, but on the other hand they are due for another blowout loss. The truth is probably in the middle, so we'll get an ugly low-scoring game between two largely inept teams. Andy Dalton threw 2 TD passes last week, so he might just do enough for the Bears to win.

Neither Vegas nor Dallas have looked good lately, but the Cowboys can be trusted more as they have more talented players on both offense and defense.

It's time to accept that the Bills are merely a middle of the road team and not a Super Bowl contender like they wanted to be. But at the same time it's also time to accept that the Saints are too dysfunctional by now.

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My thanksgiving will be 10 times better if Bills lose tomorrow.





Give me Beats, Dallas, and Bills tomorrow please


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The best performer from week 11 was Justin Herbert from the Chargers with 382 passing yards and three TD passes. Also since forgot it the best performance from week 10 was Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs with 406 passing yards and five TD passes.



I'll have the Lions, Cowboys, and the Bills.

hatmoza said:
RolStoppable said:

Looking ahead to week 12, it's Thanksgiving with three games on Thursday. This will presumably be the final week of the prediction league, because I am now on the brink of dropping to last place for good. If that happens, it's over.

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I'd be smack dab in the middle of the pack if I ever learn that football is played on Thursday every single week during the regular season, and sometimes in London lol.

Speaking of: I got the Bears, Cowboys and Bills. Watch the Lions finally get a win, the Cowboys play like they normally do on Thanksgiving and Trevor Siemian throw for three TDs and 400 yards now.