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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Test: Quantic Foundry Gamer Types


What's Your main Type?

Acrobat 0 0%
Gardener 0 0%
Slayer 3 33.33%
Skirmisher 0 0%
Gladiator 0 0%
Ninja 2 22.22%
Bounty Hunter 0 0%
Architect 2 22.22%
Bard 2 22.22%

I'm a Slayer, it says.

Slayers want to be the heroic protagonists in a cinematic story. They are solo gamers who enjoy highly curated narratives and slower-paced gameplay. They see games as highly interactive action movies to be experienced.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

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Bounty Hunters are solo, action-oriented explorers who want game worlds that they can make their own through customization and discovery. They also enjoy power progression and unleashing mayhem.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Your Quantic Gamer Type : Architect / Bard

Architects are solo gamers that enjoy planning, decision-making, and progression. They prefer slow-paced, relaxing gameplay where they can plan and build something grand and enduring.

Bards are team players who want to chat and interact with other players in game worlds that are rich with lore, stories, discovery, and customization. For them, the game is a grand story that emerges from a community of players.

Whoops, I picked Slayer but the actual test gave me Architect.