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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most Anticipated July Release


What is your most anticipated game for July?

The Ascent 44 5.24%
Cris Tales 16 1.91%
F1 2021 33 3.93%
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles 53 6.32%
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 305 36.35%
Microsoft Flight Simulator 79 9.42%
Monster Hunter Stories: Wings of Ruin 83 9.89%
Neo: The World Ends With You 57 6.79%
Something Else 17 2.03%
Nothing This Month 151 18.00%

Pretty good month considering it's July.
Neo twewy on Switch and Monster Hunter Stories 2 on PC for me. Enjoyed both demos.

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Nothing - although usually I don’t even begin looking at games until one to two weeks before release, or less. Unless it is shoved into my face by an obnoxious premature ad campaign “Here’s a game we’re releasing! It’s only 17 months away!”

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