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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which Final Fantasy game deserves a remake?!


Which FF deserves the remake?!

Final Fantasy II 3 5.08%
FF III 1 1.69%
FF IV 1 1.69%
FF V 1 1.69%
FF VI 34 57.63%
FF VIII 8 13.56%
FF IX 7 11.86%
FF X 3 5.08%
FF XII 0 0%
FF XIII 1 1.69%

VI for me. And as other already said, with Octopath Traveler graphic style. Please.

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So I think i'm one of the few people who can't get with the bite size characters and lack actual contact during combat when it comes to the 2D HD style games.

I'd Prefer some sort of mix between PS1 style graphics with full proportion characters + modern 3d pixel art

I wish remakes for FF4 and FF6, in the same way they remade FF7.
Both deserves it as those games offer the best characters, stories and worlds (along with FF7): they are FINAL FANTASIES in its purest form.