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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is there a way to repair scratched disc (resurface) DIY?

Angelus said:

Everyone knows, you use a banana

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I second the professional disk repair services. You can even go beyond local options and find an online service that uses top of the line equipment where you can mail your disks for repair. These services brag that they can handle just about any kind of surface scratch that isn't too deep. The best machines actually physically remove a very thin layer from the top of the protective coating on the disc which is the most effective way to fix the problem.

I have been buying a lot of used PS1 RPG's off of Ebay lately and I have at least two discs that have some minor degree of scratching. I am planning to use one of these services to have the discs resurfaced. I am not sure where you live but this one is in Canada:,Wii%2C%20X-Box%2C%20X-Box%20360%2C%20GameCube%2C%20Playstation%2C%20and%20CD-ROM.