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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rate the Nintendo Direct E3 2021


Rate the Direct 2021

10 9 6.29%
9 27 18.88%
8 42 29.37%
7 27 18.88%
6 14 9.79%
5 11 7.69%
4 9 6.29%
3 3 2.10%
2 0 0%
1 1 0.70%

A Direct where Nintendo shows Metroid 5, coming in the same year? It cannot be less than 10 ! :D

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brute said:

Anyone else thinks those BOTW 2 graphics looked too good to be the regular Switch?
It looked AMAZING when Link was skydiving in the beginning.

The first game was held back by the Wii U, this one isn't. Now we see the result. Looking at games like Super Mario Odyssey and Luigi's Mansion 3, BotW2 doesn't look too good to be on the regular Switch. It's going to be one of the best looking Switch games though.

Norion said:
mZuzek said:

Ah yes, our good old user @Arlo.

Oh yeah he used to post here. I wonder if he's the most famous person who is a former user. He does reference data from here in his videos at times so maybe he still visits occasionally.

I think he has to be. Next in line would be @ZhugeEX I think.

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I think any other year this would have been a very high 7/8 out of 10 butttttt.... the rest of E3 was so shockingly bad this thing looked like a 100/10 show, it's like you have to go out on stage and perform after the last guy just pissed his pants and started to openly weep. They stole a show that was theirs for the taking.
Dread looks amazing.
BoTW 2 I didn't watch because I want to experience every bit of that game for myself the first time
Advance Wars ReBoot Camp looked beautiful
Kazuya, yes please
Monster hunter looked cool and I'm happy for the fans of it, I'm not one of them but I'm glad to see they're getting even more love on the Switch.
Guardians.... that looked meh but what you gonna do, at least they didn't show it for 3 days like at the SE conference.
That Zelda Game and Watch, hmmmmm torn on buying it, it looks lovely but would it just gather dust til I eventually knock it off the shelf and break it? Maybe.

But yeah,the show was a shining light in the otherwise dark hole that was E3 2021

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I decided on a 7/10. The trailer for the next Zelda could've been better, and I felt that entire ending segment wasn't handled the best. Especially the gut punch that we won't be getting a Zelda 35th Anniversary Collection.

I also think WarioWare and Metroid should've been announced earlier this year, as nice as those reveals were.

Smash reveal was really meh. There were several upcoming games that were announced or updated that I plan on getting. But for my interests, the presentation lacked wow factor. The Zelda trailer would've been that epic factor if it was more in-depth. The original reveal in 2019 and this new trailer felt like they could've been combined into one trailer back in 2019, unless somehow they had virtually no acceptable gameplay footage two years ago.

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