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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rate the Nintendo Direct E3 2021


Rate the Direct 2021

10 9 6.29%
9 27 18.88%
8 42 29.37%
7 27 18.88%
6 14 9.79%
5 11 7.69%
4 9 6.29%
3 3 2.10%
2 0 0%
1 1 0.70%

I'll score it like this:

0/1 if I don't care
1/2 if I like it, but it's not 2021.
2/2 if I like it and it's in 2021
3/2 (yes, bonus points) if I like it and it's out by the end of July.

Let's watch.

0/1 points if I don't care, 1/2 if I do but it's not in 2021, 1/1 if I do and it's in 2021, 2/1 if I do and it's within the next 6 weeks (or before the end of July).

* Smash vs Tekken - Yeah... I don't give a shit about Smash - 0/1
* Life is Strange Switch - Looks great 2/3
* Marvel Galaxy Guardians - meh - 2/4
* Worms Rumble - meh - 2/5
* Astria Ascending - What is this and why should I care? 2/6
* Two Point Campus - Looks great! But 2022? Tell me about it next year, not now 3/8
* Monkey Ball - Booo, 3/9
* Mario Party Superstars - 5/11
* Metroid Dread - Wow! It's alive after all these years; this was originally the title of a DS game that vanished from existence. Caught my interest 7/13
* Just Dance 2022 - And? - 7/14
* Cruisin Blast - Looks really cool! - 9/16
* Dragon Ball Karot game - Don't care 9/17
* Mario Golf Modes -Looks weak compared to Golf Story, disappointed they're wasting dev resources on these modes 9/18
* Monster Hunter Stories - Looks alright, but don't care 9/19
* WarioWare - FUCK YEAH! 11/21
* Shin Megami Tensei 5 - I'm an RPG guy, but I find mainline SMT a bit dull. This trailer didn't change my mind - 11/22
* Dagan Rampa - what? - 11/23
* Fatal Frame - Could be good, but didn't show enough - 11/24
* Doom game - LOL, I'm already bored just hearing the name - 11/25
* Tony Hawk - Hmmm, not bad! And in June. 14/27
* Strange brigade - Nah 14/28
* Mario Galaxy Rabbids - FUCK YOU, this is a tease. I still want to play even if it's not Super Mario Galaxy 4, but next year - 15/30
* Advance Wars - Nope 15/31
* Hyrule Warriors - Don't like Dynasty Warriors games - 15/32
* Skyward Sword - Nope - 15/33
* Zelda handheld - Good for collectors, appreciate the idea, will be a great gift, but not for me - 15/34
* Breath of the Wild 2 - Showed stuff, that might be cool, but doesn't tell me much about the game. I'm not sure if I'll like or hate the islands. Come back and tell me about this again later when the game is closer and you're actually going to say something meaningful. 15/35


4/10 feels about right, this Direct was mediocre at best - everything was extremely rushed with almost no details. This was like watching an extra-long commercial break. I'm not even a Pokemon fan, but the Pokemon Direct was far superior, IMO. There might have been some great software on there, but honestly, unless the short clip was really well done (like Life is Strange), or I knew what I was getting (WarioWare), I couldn't tell if I was going to like it or not. I really didn't give a shit about what was going on 90% of the time.

Nothing made me jump out of my chair - although WarioWare made me smile a lot. I was disappointed that only one game, Tony Hawk, was coming out any time soon of the new stuff that interested me. Mario Golf is out soon too, but the game looked less interesting in this Direct than the last one. Honestly, Nintendo could have just pulled the trailers in the EShop for the games coming out in the next two weeks and I might have found it about as interesting.

Highlights of the show for me were:

1. WarioWare
2. Life is Strange
3. Cruisin
4. Tony Hawk remasters
5. Metroid 5

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Did anyone else find Sakurai's tone weird when he was talking about the new fighter? He seemed like he was disappointed or upset at times. He seemed a lot less cheerful than usual.

BoTW2 + SMTV..... that alone makes it better than most other showings imo.

Also Mario Galaxy Rabbids :) You know thats gonna be good.

mZuzek said:
Norion said:

I liked that too and Arlo went nuts when he saw the title. It was pretty much a perfect Metroid announcement and a contender for best announcement all E3.

Ah yes, our good old user @Arlo.

Oh I didn't know he had an account here.

Solid direct. However, I was expecting more from the Zelda front. For Mario's 35th anniversary we got:
- Three 3D Mario remakes - Zelda got one (same price) ... M: 3 points / Z: 1 point
- Game & Watch - same treatment for Zelda ... M: 1 point / Z: 1 point
- 3D World port + DLC - nothing like that for Zelda (was hoping for another BOTW DLC) ... M: 1 point / Z: 0 points
- Super Mario Bros. 35 - nothing similar for Zelda ... M: 1 point / Z: 0 points
- Super Mario All-Stars - nothing similar for Zelda ... M: 1 point / Z: 0 points
- No new Mario games announced - BOTW2, which we already knew and it's releasing next year (hopefully) ... M: 0 points / Z: 1 point

M: 7 points / Z: 3 points

Even if I weigh BOTW2 as 3 points (worth 3 remakes), Mario still got better treatment. 

I thought, maybe the reason why there are no other 3D zelda remakes is because they're adding N64 to the NSO ... nope, that didn't happen

At the end it's a solid 7 from me. 

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They get points for SMTV, Metroid, BOTW2

Some okay mid tier games like Mario Party, Warioware

Wasn't a fan of the Advance wars art style in the remake

Overall, an average show IMO

7/10. Metroid was a surprise and Shin mega I tensei v looked great

4/10. I thought they were doing a Metroid Prime trailer, but that wasn't the case. I just really didn't care about any of the games announced.

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Damn...An average of 8. I put 4 but....Really do not complain in the future to eat more and more shit in paying more and more.

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Amnesia said:

Damn...An average of 8. I put 4 but....Really do not complain in the future to eat more and more shit in paying more and more.

We all pay more. Thats just how it is today. Just ask PS5 owners as well.