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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Square Enix announces Dragon Quest XII, Dragon Quest III Remake, and more

All of this Dragon Quest and I'm just waiting for a port of Crono Trigger for modern systems.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Hopefully, they follow up with a Dragon Quest IV and Chrono Trigger remake. Dragon Warrior IV was only ever released on the NES and the game is insanely expensive thanks to scalpers. I can't think of any legitimate way to play that game right now which stinks. Edit: looks like DQ IV got released on the DS but is also insanely expensive.

Hopefully, Toriyama is doing some original artwork for the DQIII remake. I love seeing his signature art style in the DQ games and in Chrono Trigger.

WOOAAAH. The beautiful Octopath 2D HD engine strikes again with now the remake of an old time classic I haven't played !

Lol worthy enough, I'm currently playing DQ IV on my 3DS sooo it's just another great excuse to dwelve deeep into the franchise even more.

Did you see that beautiful battle screen shifting perspective when the attack sequence begun ? Or even the background !

NOW, I really wanna a remake of FFVI in this engine. IT IS A NEEED !

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