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Are you on next-gen?

Yes, I have a PS5 16 14.68%
Yes, I have a XS 26 23.85%
Yes, I have both systems 4 3.67%
I have a next-gen ready PC 20 18.35%
No 43 39.45%

Got both systems on there respective Launch days.

I prefer the PS5 as it feels like a next gen experience, the Xbox SX feels like more of the same BUT I do like it. But it's just a place holder until I build a new PC, but I am waiting on a GPU so it could be awhile.

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curl-6 said:
jason1637 said:

The Xbox One had it only for 1 game at a time it was called “suspend”. Quick resume is the evolution of that on the Series consoles. Depending on the game you can have 5-10 games running in the back at a time and instantly go back to where you stopped.

Ah, alrighty. I never had a PS4 or Xbone so I wasn't sure; I love the Switch's suspend and resume feature, its a massive convenience, especially coming from the Wii U where it took ages to boot the system then a game.

Even though the WiiU had a "solid state drive"... - It's speed was a direct consequence of Nintendo cheaping out and using garbage EMMC on a narrow bus.

Dulfite said:

Not sure if this is the best place to ask or not so here it goes. I have a roughly 6 month old gaming pc, has a 2080 supermax (Advanced Razer Blade 15). It destroys everything I've played so far (permitting I don't have too many side programs running cause I am learning coding). I primarily use Gamepass PC which got me thinking about Xcloud. My computer can play these games great, but my question is would using Xcloud instead of native power cause my computer to last longer? Ideally I'd like to prioritize longevity. FYI I never overclock and I modified the fan settings to turn on max whenever I play games and I have 5 external fans used to keep it cooler (originally it got scorching hot so I made some changes and now it's fine).

Depending on the rest of your PC, you may only need to upgrade the GPU every few years... The fact PC games are cheaper and you get free online will likely be able to absorb that cost.

But if you don't intend to upgrade, then xcloud will allow you to game longer on old hardware. Shit. A 2007 netbook would be capable of running the latest games thanks to xcloud... What would really be cool is if Microsoft made an xcloud app for Xbox 360 so you could run Xbox Series X quality titles, not sure the 360's browser is flexible enough for that.
But you could probably transcode and stream the video feed to the Xbox 360 using a PC as an intermediary source I guess.

As for your cooling, more cooling doesn't mean your components will last longer, components are designed with temperature tolerances from the outset, if you have an aggressive fan profile, the most likely consequence is more wear and tear on your fans bearings and/or more noise.

Avro1958 said:

Got both systems on there respective Launch days.

I prefer the PS5 as it feels like a next gen experience, the Xbox SX feels like more of the same BUT I do like it. But it's just a place holder until I build a new PC, but I am waiting on a GPU so it could be awhile.

Yeah. It's been Microsoft's philosophy as of late to blur the lines between generations.
The fact that Series X games are packaged identically to Xbox One games but with a new sticker is a testament to that.

Plus an identical UI and all the other bells and whistles.

To me the Series X just feels like an Xbox One X Pro... Which isn't necessarily a bad thing as the One X was sold hardware for 2017.

--::{PC Gaming Master Race}::--

No consoles yet and probably won't be in a while. Until the supply situation improves, I'm not going to even consider getting a new console. Once the supply situation is fixed, I'll look at the games, and if the games are looking good, I'll look at my console of choice (PS5) and see if there's a controller that actually looks decent. If there is one, I might get one. Until then, unless a must-have game tempts me, I'll wait until the prices are actually cheap (relatively speaking, because consoles don't seem to get cheap anymore).

That said, my PC is... kind of capable. It'll do for a while more, especially since I managed to get hold of a slightly better graphics card, but an upgrade is definitely long overdue. I'll upgrade once the supply situation gets fixed, which could probably range from the latter half of this year until something like 2024, which sounds fun. I was originally going to upgrade last year but there's been no real GPU supply at any point since I planned to upgrade, and it's only been getting worse. Worse yet, storage components seem like they might get low in supply as well in the near future. Never thought we'd arrive in this situation but we did, so not a great time to get/upgrade a gaming PC.

tl;dr: My PC is barely fine for the generation being discussed here.

Hellblade II is the game that could sell me on the Series X, if it's as amazing as the first game, which for me was one of the top 10 best games of the last decade.

Also potentially interested in Halo Infinite if they learn their lessons from 5 and live up to the 6th/7th gen entries.

Still, at one point I planned to buy an Xbox One, but I decided not to after both Halo 5 and Gears 4 ended up looking disappointing. For the moment I'm in wait and see mode.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

I'm armed and ready for this generation of console games!

Series X was my day one priority, but thanks to the recent $1,400 stimulus check, I was not only able to catch up on bills, but also to buy a PlayStation 5 and a few games for it as well. Like someone else said, I view consoles as an investment. Now I'm ready for about anything this new generation of releases can throw at me, no matter what system its for!

Which system do I like better, you might ask? *shrugs* Honestly, right now I'm getting about equal use out of my Series X, PS5, and Switch, so I can't really say, I'm afraid. I will say that Game Pass is just a superior offering...but so is haptic feedback and so, obviously, is portability. I feel like they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

For PlayStation 5, I'm really liking Demon's Souls and Astro's Playroom both! I'm rotating them out. And I have pre-ordered Returnal. To me, the PS5 is so far seeming like the strongest system when it comes to new-gen exclusives.

I opted for the Series X version of It takes Two though and I think it's, I've gotta say, my favorite new game since The Last of Us Part II. Seriously, I would very strongly recommend It Takes Two to anyone with a partner to play it with. Play it now! Right now! I also have the Series X version of Control and definitely enjoy that, and also I'm actually still finding The Medium (Series X) enjoyable to replay believe it or not. I've also recently added Crash Bandicoot 4 to my Series X library, but I'm just getting started on it. I guess ironically, though I purchased it mainly for its early library of indie games I thought I'd like a lot, mostly I've wound up using the Series X as my default AAA games platform for multi-platform games. So far anyway. I mean I'm disappointed that Lake has been quietly delayed until the summer and Call of the Sea didn't really turn out to be all that I'd hoped it would be (although it was fine). Still, strong hardware for the multi-platform AAA titles so far! Not exactly the use I expected for the Series X, but it works.

For the Switch, of late I've been playing some really experimental games including Signs of the Sojourner, The Longing, and my favorite of them, the meta title There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension, which is my second-favorite new game since TLOU2 after It Takes Two. I'm thinking meta games may just be an emerging genre I like in general actually, since I also really got into The Stanley Parable, Pony Island, and Undertale. Guess I just like my games to talk to me and parody other games. And of course you know I had to get the Switch version of Fez, come on! The Switch remains my default indie games platform.

Speaking of The Last of Us Part II, if you haven't played it on PS5 yet, it supports haptic feedback when running on that system and the difference is immediately noticeable and fucking amazing!! I never want to go back to playing it on PlayStation 4 ever!

So that's where I am.

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I have both. Got PS5 on launch day, and the Series X through Game Pass.