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Forums - Gaming Discussion - This guy is making concepts for future consoles...

Pemalite said:

The designs themselves look extremely RGB/tacky.

But the actual quality of the renders themselves is fantastic.

The problem always comes back to one of design function, incorporating sleek aesthetics into a functional design and price point is what you see missing in most console renders, so this form over functionality bias makes them basically art pieces.

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That PS8 looks absolutely ridiculous.

It could be cool as a sculpture unto itself. But, claiming that it has anything to do with a gaming console is total nonsense.

Looking at the thumbnails it was hideous enough to make me not wanting to open it up.

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These look really cool when you're a kid.

But man that playstation controller looks so uncomfortable, and the design of those things just look incredibly out of place (haha PS5 I know) and just insanely complicated to manufacture without any erganomic/heat dissapating reason.

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