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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Age groups in fighing games, and platform how much toxic or friendly

Theres alot of millenials in 3d fighting games no matter platform all toxic by alot alot of teabag or hate mail.

i noticed 2d fighing games vary, street fighter 30th 60/40 in favor of millenials even on switch, barely they just have fun

mortal kombat 11 ps4 and xbox millenials and kids truely wanna get good, switch version too many teens and kids favored like 70 % rest are older barely teabags less hate on xbox except ps4 bullies alot 

bbtag ps4 14 year olds and 21 year olds majority some millenials, switch version tons of 7 year olds and teenagers how may i ask? it's always on sale for 4 dollars for switch version and it's has the least millenials like I only met 1 in switch version ever. too many kids in switch version of bbtag and it's filled with anguish , salt , toxic, butthurt in bbtag switch they make fun of new players , ps4 same but atleast theres no kids to hurt.

dragon ball fighter z ps4 and xbox 50/50 millenials and teenagers, switch version alot kids and few millenials thank lord theres no chat in this game .

skullgrls i cant tell its online dead on switch.

undernight in birth switch is a ghost town online dont have ps4 version.

Fighting ex layer will be dead on switch , ps4 dont have

blade strangers dead all platforms

arena fighter naruto, one piece etc IDK? I don't play those

bonus which fighting games you play ?

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