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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Famicom Detective Club (The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind) getting localized for a western release May 14th

The second game was actually pretty good! It's linear as hell, and I'm not sure it's even possible to fail, but it was still a nice ride.

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Pretty nice that Nintendo is remaking some Japanese-only games for a global audience this time. I really like visual novel/interactive story games, so I want these. $34.99 a piece still will probably be a lot, but that's better than $59.99 a piece.

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This was the most exciting thing at the direct. A new (for westerners) game, being remade and coming out this year.

Ayumi Tachibana for Smash /s

Ultrashroomz said:

Ayumi Tachibana for Smash /s

Smash Ultimate on Switch 2 will look quite different, won't it 

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