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Forums - Movies & TV - Best Star Trek Movie (TOS-TNG era)


I think the best is...

The Motion Picture 1 3.70%
Wrath of Khan 9 33.33%
Search for Spock 0 0%
Voyage Home 4 14.81%
Final Frontier 0 0%
Undiscovered Country 5 18.52%
Generations 1 3.70%
First Contact 7 25.93%
Insurrection 0 0%
Nemesis 0 0%

I'm going to go with Star Trek 6, The Undiscovered Country with First Contact and The Voyage Home being the two runner-ups. Insurrection is what I consider the most underrated.

I think The Undiscovered Country has the best plot and the best villain (recently deceased Christopher Plummer did a FANTASTIC job) and Khan + Borg Queen were the other two great villains. The original three films might be on my list, but I honestly haven't seen them more than once or twice* whilst Voyage Home and Undiscovered Country MUST be 20+ times each, and First Contact at least 8 or 9 (probably more).
* I've seen the end of Wrath of Khan many more times than I've seen the actual film.

First Contact was just such a solid film with a solid cast and was one of the two Action Film Star Treks I liked (the other being Star Trek 09).

Most underrated for me was Insurrection, I like that one quite a lot, and it's often said "it's like a glorified Star Trek Episode" and to that I say "Yeah, that's precisely why I like it."

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