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Forums - Sales Discussion - The PS4 shipped less than 117.1m by June 30th 2022


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But seriously, I don't see it reaching 118mil anymore. It'll end up just short of that.

Norion said:

The PS3 did around 6 million 2014 onwards so if the PS4 can get close to that it'll get to 120M but with how it's declining more rapidly than the PS3 did I expect it to do a decent bit less than 6M from now until the end so I'll pick 118-120 and specifically 119M.

It seems 119m will be a bit high since they're gonna ship another million of them but another 1.2m afterwards probably isn't happening. The range should be correct at least.

Sony could release a super slim version, maybe even one without a disc drive and sell another 10-20 million units.