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Forums - Sales Discussion - The PS4 shipped 115.1m by December 31st 2020. Lifetime sales expectations?


The PS4 shipped 115.1m by Dec 31st 2020. Lifetime sales expectations?

Less than 118M 1 2.38%
118-120M 22 52.38%
120-122M 13 30.95%
122-125M 5 11.90%
125-130M 1 2.38%

For a long time I thought they were going to drop the price below $300. I have heard all of the reasons why they didn't (profitability, etc...), but to me it doesn't make sense. For the past couple of years they would have been more profitable if they did drop the price to $250 or $200. I don't know why they aren't dropping the price, but I've given up any notion that they are actually going to do it.


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Sony seems ready to move on from manufacturing and shipping PS4s, or at least almost ready to.

I say right around 120 million even, so I voted 118-120 million. It should barely pass the Game Boy/Game Boy Color.

Lifetime Sales Predictions 

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3DS: 75.5 mil (was 73, then 77 million)

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If they never cut to $199 then I'm gonna say 119m. Just beats out Gameboy but had the potential for so much more. Sony really should have focused on getting it into more people's hands. I think it would still be profitable if they had cut to that in 2019. They would have locked even more people into their ecosystem getting Plus and Now and games. With PS5 being BC those cheap customers who are young many times would eventually upgrade and continue to bring in money.

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