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Forums - PC Discussion - Will this M-ATX build overheat?

OneTime said:

Also, although this may have been high-end a few years ago, now it's just 16Gb RAM/512Gb SSD/1080 GTX which is pretty much an office PC.

I have 4th gen i5 and 1660ti and I play modern games at 1440p with high framerates. My office PC on the other hand has a cheap AMD APU.

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OneTime said:
Pemalite said:

16GB of Ram, 512GB SSD and a Geforce GTX 1080 is far from an "office PC". - It's still very capable at gaming, especially at 1440P.
Pascal still has life left in it yet.


I don't get the silly cooler placement, it's dumping hot air inside the case, but really a non-issue with that hardware.

When Nvidia get the next round of graphics cards into full production, eBay will be flooded with second-hand GTX 1080s.  The price will be very low soon... (and yeah, 16Gb/512 is mid-range office PC - certainly lower than what we get here).

An office PC would not be having a Geforce 1080 class GPU in it, ever.

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Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts. I made a deal and got it for 925 AUD.


I bought it for the equivalent of about 700 USD which is a good value by Australian standards (if the condition is actually good). Everything is more expensive here it sucks man.

Good to hear! I'll be using it to produce music, primarily covers. The GPU is a non factor as far as my audio wants are concerned; GTX 1060 will do for video editing and maybe the occasional 1080p online gaming (like Tekken 7).

Honestly, I think the build might be a bit of an overkill but I want to leave a sizeable headroom for software synthesizing (which can be CPU intensive) in the case I start feeling the limitations of my hardware synth some time in the future.

It has a 2nd fan on the top, side vent, and another large vent on the bottom. I don't like the cooler's placement (or type for the matter) but hopefully it won't cause any major problems.