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Forums - Sales Discussion - PlayStation/Xbox/Switch Hardware Battle: 2021 Edition: FINAL RESULTS!

Week 51 Breakdown:

PlayStation 4: Down in all regions

PlayStation 5: Up in Japan; Down in the US, Europe, and the ROTW; Down overall.

Xbox One: Down in all regions.

Xbox Series: Up in the Europe and the ROTW; Down in the US and Japan; Up overall.

Nintendo Switch: Down in all regions.


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After the past few weeks of adjustments (and also just being lazy on my part... NFL playoffs - Thanks a lot, Garoppolo.)

I believe now we have FINAL results for this comparison:

PS4 '21: Down WW by 1,599,566 - (Down in the US by 125,619, Down in Europe by 481,095, Down in Japan by 385,898, Down in the ROTW by 606,954.)

PS5 '21: Down WW by 902,668 - (Down in the US by 444,273, Down in Europe by 413,235, Up in Japan by 14,517, Down in the ROTW by 59,677.)

XBO '21: Down WW by 1,891,954 - (Down in the US by 979,351, Down in Europe by 520,303, Down in Japan by 9,474, Down in the ROTW by 382,826.)

XBXS '21: Up WW by 1,220,596 - (Down in the US by 299,889, Up in Europe by 756,936, Up in Japan by 53,201, Up in the ROTW by 710,348.)

NSW: Down WW by 3,314,210 - (Down in the US by 1,225,849, Down in Europe by 712,855, Down in Japan by 908,840, Down in the ROTW by 466,666.)

So the only one that managed to be up and actually win its comparison was the Xbox Series X/S.
Guess Microsoft has a true winner on their hands. Time will tell if they can keep up the momentum.

The PS5, while down compared to the PS4's first full year, was held back by severe stock shortages and supply issues. If those weren't an issue, it would have been up as well.
Not sure if I can say the same for the Nintendo Switch, while it dealt with shortages in its own right, I still feel like it would have been down no matter what. It's clear that it has past its peak and now we will see how long its tail will be.

But that's it for this comparison!
I'll need a little bit of time before I can set up the next one, I'm still not entirely sure what I want to do with that one. (If I want to keep the PS4 and Xbox One around (doing 5 comparisons is a HASSLE, especially when you get to the end of the year like with this one. I may opt to take a different comparison but, again, still not entirely sure.) So keep a look out for that when it comes.

Thanks for all the work this past year! I looked forward to see the updates every week.
I'll be sure to check out your next thread for this year.
If I may suggest, it could be cool to compare Switch and DS 6th year since it may be closer than we thought between those 2!

I'd completely support dropping the PS4/XB1 comparisons as those are pretty much dead now (esp the XB1). I'd be fine if you only had the 3 comparisons for the current consoles, but if you wanted to add one or two more then that's fine too.


I think you should just do YoY comparisons for the main 3. That is my $.02 anyway. Obviously if you really want to do any other comparisons you can.

Also, just want to say that I really appreciate your effort on this thread. I come back and look at these threads you do quite a few times throughout the year.