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Forums - Sales Discussion - PlayStation/Xbox/Switch Hardware Battle: 2021 Edition: Week 16 - Nintendo Financial Data + First Projections!!


Which Comparison are you most looking forward to?

'14 PS3 vs. '21 PS4 1 1.54%
'14 PS4 vs. '21 PS5 12 18.46%
'14 X360 vs. '21 XOne 0 0%
'14 XOne vs. '21 XSXS 6 9.23%
'20 NSW vs. '21 NSW 46 70.77%

Okay but i was wondering what comparison could happen this year other than SW 2020 vs SW 2021 and that is a pretty good idea. Looking forward to the PS4/One first year vs PS5/XS.
And also if team 2021 con prevail and take a win, or atleast remain somewhat flat. That would be great.

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That's a lot of comparisons, should be interesting.

2014 PS3 vs. 2021 PS4 in Japan is probably gonna be a slaugther though.

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Wow this is an ambitious thread! I look forward to seeing the results, but I also don't want you to get burned out or anything. I definitely appreciate all of the effort.

Wow ! You're certainly going bigger than ever !

Though, I wonder if they'll be any merit to continue on looking at the PS3 vs PS4 comparison since to me we're already at the end of the Twilight years for the later. Same for the Xbone.

This would keep the focus on the new arrived gen.

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Thanks @PAOerfulone That was a quick subscribe for this thread.

I particularly enjoy seeing the Rest of the world. I think it will have a big impact on Nintendo sales, so it is nice to see it as a separate value.


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I think it is a great idea to compare cross generation, I'm excited to see how this year goes down.

can't you move the tables with the region comparisons somehow ? because most interesting is the worldwide comparisons on all of the battles, therefore most people are only scrolling to see this full complete worldwide table, the other only gets in the way ..

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