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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - XS Data Analysis: JAN Update (XS is ahead of DS after 3 months)

UPDATE: January Year 1

Hello everyone, here is the DAMA profile for the XS. It has been a rough start with limited sales, but it is interesting to see how it compares to other consoles:

Here is the profile:

Key Highlights:

1) The XS is aiming to pass the Atari 7800 within the next few months.

2) XS is ahead of 5 consoles after two months, most remarkably the X360 and the PS3.

3) 8 consoles had a better first december, making this a sub par month for the XS.

4) Next month seems to be difficult to surpass the Wii with 1.3M. The XS would have to sell more than in December, something that is highly unlikely.

5) When comparing launch weeks, and specially aligning them with the same weeks comparison. We have that the XS is ahead of the X360 by 1.08M units. It currently has a 3 week streak in which it is able to sell more than the X360.

6) The X360 was able to sell 519K in the following 4 weeks, will the XS be able to surpass this?

It is important to remember that this is not a sprint, it is a long race. The X360 was able to sell over 85M consoles, so what is important is that the console keeps growing and selling for a long time.

How much will the XS sell in January?

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I have updated  the chart with the new revisions of the weekly sales for the XS

The monthly sales for January seem like they are going to be close to 360k.

Hi everyone, here is the profile for January Year 1

Key Highlights:

1) XS is ahead of DS after the first 3 months.

2)XS is ahead of the XOne after 3 months.

3) XS had the 10th best first January, this is strongly due to stock issues