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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Might get worse for CDPR....

shikamaru317 said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

I tried to replicate the stuff in that video and couldn’t. At least what was shown in the first twenty minutes or so of the video. NPC’s don’t disappear for me, vehicles haven’t randomly popped in one time in my sixteen hours in the game. I do agree with the video about the RPG elements being lacking but at the same time, I’m perfectly fine with a GTA game with RPG elements. 

Disagree about the city being lifeless as well. You can walk around and find all sorts of interesting shit happening. The guy seemed to pick a random NPC and follow them around expecting something cool to happen or some routine that he could observe the NPC doing for eternity. Like he expected the NPC to go to work, go to lunch, leave work, do something, go home and sleep, and do it all again the next day LOL. I can’t think of any open world game outside of RDR2 where that’s happened and there are way less NPC’s in RDR2. I enjoy the random elements of the city, they did a good job there. I was on a mission earlier and stumbled upon two dudes arguing about a drug deal. It escalated until the higher “rank” guy accused the other of stealing some of the drugs he’d collected for him and tried to kill him. Other dude shot and killed him and ran off. NPC’s around ran off or ducked for cover.

Ill give the rest of the video a view some other time.

Yeah, I also had issues with that video, what I watched of it anyway. Much like you, I haven't experienced most of the glitches that people claim to see. I don't think I've seen an NPC disappear once. Is the NPC AI amazing? No, not really, I especially hate how they all crouch down on the street if you fight somebody and then get stuck in that crouched position, you would think that some would run screaming or something. But some of the things he is expecting for the AI are just unrealistic, like a full daily routine for NPC's in a game the size of Cyberpunk that makes use of NPC randomization. Basically only Rockstar and Bethesda do NPC's with routines that I can think of, and Bethesda games have less than 1/10th the number of NPC's that there are in Cyberpunk, while RDR2's budget was more than twice Cyberpunk; RDR2 is basically a AAAA game, Cyberpunk is a mere AAA, people shouldn't be going in with AAAA expectations for it. 

Some of the things that CD Projekt talked about in early demos like the deep romance system and car customization CD Projekt said in later interviews had been cut from the game, so it's not really fair to say that they lied about those features, lots of devs talk about features early development that later get cut due to lack of time or an inability to make them work within the games budget. This isn't a No Man's Sky like scenario where the game released without half the features that Hello Games promised for it, without the devs telling people that the game wouldn't release with those features beforehand. 

He was playing on PC and also referenced the PlayStation version, which has much less NPC action going on. Maybe on PC it is tied to whatever CPU you are running, and the NPC's disappear/cars pop in randomly depending on the load on your hardware. Or maybe it's just in a particular area where he was filming, idk. But I haven't seen any of that in my version. I have seen numerous videos of the cars popping in, maybe they were on an older version and it's been fixed in an update. I haven't had time to play as much as I'd like.

My problems with the game so far don't have shit to do with bugs or glitches. I think those have been blown way out of proportion. My issues are some of the AI elements and the RPG elements being mostly cosmetic, or fake. At least in terms of dialogue and story paths. I think some of that stuff is pretty lame, how none of your choices really matter in the end. I'd much prefer something like New Vegas or even Witcher 3 where your dialogue options and choices made actually make a difference. The only big difference I have read about in the game is that if you pick to be a dude, you can't shack up with Judy. That's about it.

But other areas are super deep and RPG like, so idk what went on during development, maybe they just got too ambitious and ran out of time for what they wanted to incorporate. At the end of the day, maybe that's a good thing. I mean look at RDR2, they clearly had all the time they wanted to flesh out every single element and every single system in the game that they wanted. And while the end result was certainly impressive (still easily the most impressive game ever made imho), it didn't make it very fun to play. I have my hands full trying to figure out crafting and hacking, maybe it's good that the other stuff doesn't exist.

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Eagle367 said:

I didn't experience it so everyone else is lying. Also not having full routines is one thing but not having any routine whatsoever is quite another. Also a creepy NPC that follows you everywhere. Cars bugging out, etc. And did you guys check to see whether the sequences are randomized or completely preset? Like a gang fight in the street does it happen randomly or does it happen everytime you reload the game and go to that area? I mean it's clear to me Wood wasn't the only one who suffered these issues as they have all been mentioned elsewhere. Also he's a pretty chill and forgiving guy with regards to games. I've watched multiple of his videos and he gives a lot of leeway to games. So for him to say this about Cyberpunk 2078 means something. And at the very least cam you guys acknowledge that this game isn't revolutionary or special whatsoever? Like it isn't reinventing the wheel on any aspect of gaming. It's just another bug filled first person shooter

Can you quote where anyone in this thread implied others are lying if they say they experienced bugs or glitches? The guy has them on video, so that would be a bad position to take. What people are failing to realize is that you can have a very buggy game but it doesn't mean everyone will experience the same bugs or glitches. For example Skyrim on PS3 was apparently an incredibly buggy piece of shit with loads of glitches and bugs that could even render your play through ruined. I played through it and got the platinum with only a couple small annoying bugs, like the memory bug that required me to restart my PS3 so the game would run at more than 4 frames per second.

Also no, I won't acknowledge that the game isn't "special" because "special" is subjective. From what I have played, it's easily a top 3 game of 2020. To me, that's special. Might not be to you.

Perhaps finish it first before declaring it top 3 material? Anyway curious to see what you think of it after you're done with the game. I guess it's best to take your time, more stuff will be fixed before you get to it.

Skyrim was pretty terrible on ps3. I had to restart the game every 15 minutes to be able to finish it. I had to go back a few hours in the main quest cause it bugged out.However that was all fixed with the psvr version, that ran beautifully (one gen later)