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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most Anticipated January Release


What is your most anticipated game for January?

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Leg... 123 15.19%
Cyber Shadow 40 4.94%
Disgaea 6 (Japan only) 28 3.46%
Gods Will Fall 0 0%
Hitman 3 112 13.83%
The Medium 111 13.70%
Ride 4 1 0.12%
Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game Complete 58 7.16%
Nothing this month 337 41.60%

Ryza 2. After the betrayal that was Fairy Tail day 1 censorship patch this past summer. Koei Tecmo has lost the trust of fans, especially since they refuse to address it, but they can say that Ryza 2 won't be censored. And before anyone says Ryza 2 has released in Japan and it wasn't censored... they could be waiting for the overseas release to do it. Fairy tail was a worldwide release so it happened at once.

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The Medium. Will eventually play Hitman 3, but i am gonna need a price-drop on that one. PS5 launch hype is over and i ain't paying the prices they want for PS5-games

Yakuza Collection on X1 on January 28. Still need to beat all the games in the collection on PS4.

Nothing for me. Feb might be the same as in starting to build a backlog. Didn't think I'll have put in the hopes I have in FFXV Royal. When I do finish it, I have DMCV SE I impulse bought since it's on sale and I have Immortals: Fenyx Rising. I still haven't finished the last DLC for Nioh 2 done in waiting for the PS5 upgrade since I bought the complete edition.

I think I'm set for a while unless I do some more impulse buying :/

Nothing, which is fine by me. Planning on playing Gears Tactics and another playthrough of Ori and the Will of Wisps and Gears 5.

Ride The Chariot

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Honestly looking forward to The Medium more than anything else for January, and thanks to gamepass I don't even need to spend any extra money to play it.

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