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Forums - Gaming Discussion - DF face off: next gen Borderlands 3

No arguments here, what looks like a pretty solid 4k60 will do for me... are there drops? Yes, of course there are... but none of them seemed like anything major or "game breaking", and when compared to the PS4/XBO versions it's still a HUGE improvement, lol. Think I'll be picking it up on PS5 somewhere down the line.

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I like that new trend of consoles becoming PCs. By next gen we can expect full option menus.

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I'd also add that the series X version running lower shadows and foliage probably helps take the lead over PS5 in the 120 fps mode

From what I read in the 120fps PS5 also have higher quality assets that likely explain the drops being harder.
But considering both systems drop to as low as 80fps and also 800p I would say this game is the poorest optimized so far. And well it doesn't look that impressive graphically to justify this performance burden.

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