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Forums - Sony Discussion - Digital Foundry- DMC 5 PS5 Performance Analysis

shikamaru317 said:
Angelv577 said:
Yeah it looks like a rush job. Very curious to see how series S performs.

In theory at least, it should perform somewhat above Xbox One X, since Capcom decided not to do ray tracing on Series S. It has a similarly powerful GPU to Xbox One X (lower flops, but better performance per flop due to a newer GPU architecture), with a much faster CPU and storage solution than XB1 X. But considering this seems rushed, it could end up performing below Xbox One X. 

Yeah, this explains why Series S has no RT since PS5 is already running poopy

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I feel like these were some really bad decisions by the devs. DF actually said that if you have a 4k 120 TV there is no possible way for the game to produce a stable frame rate.The combinations of resolutions, fps and graphical fidelity are all off here. To make things worse no variable refresh rate from PS5.I'm sure it will get patched in but why on earth was that not prioritized? Especially on console hardware, which is going to be obsolete within a year or 2.

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