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Forums - Movies & TV - Johnny Depp asked to resign from Fantastic Beasts series after court loss, #3 delayed

KLAMarine said:

I've seem to many newspapers, reports, opinion pieces and articles basically going this way. Putting Amber as even more victim, how society protected JD only because he is a white, rich male, etc.

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To me the most ludicrous post judgment claim made by Amber and her lawyers is that Johnny ran a smear campaign against her. She literally had nearly all MSM outlets smearing him. Even after she lost, they continue to do so. Most people, and I'm ashamed to say me included, believed her on her word alone in 2016. It isn't an orchestrated social media campaign against her. As the evidence of her lies spread, people taken in by her BS, became angry. Particularly actual DV victims. A lot this info has been around for a few years but most people didn't know about it. When the trial started, it spread like wildfire. I mean she's on audio admitting to making up the abuse claims because she thought Johnny was going to evict her and her friends. It's not a smear campaign when it's the truth that is the source of the vitriol.

Amber Heard releases years of therapists notes judge Penny Azcarate didn't admit because they're hearsay:

And why don't they release the unadmitted Dr. Kipper/Debbie Lloyd/Jerry Judge tape where she admits to cutting his finger off while they're at it?


Every day, this narcissistic, abusive drama queen is proving Dr. Curry's diagnosis right: she really is full of herself.

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KLAMarine said: