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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which of the (soon) current consoles do you intend to own by the end of 2020?


Which of the (soon) current consoles do you intend to own by the end of 2020?

Only Switch 553 36.29%
Only PlayStation 5 350 22.97%
Only Xbox Series X|S 97 6.36%
Switch + PS5 215 14.11%
Switch + XSX|S 82 5.38%
PS5 + XSX|S 18 1.18%
All three of them 49 3.22%
None of them 160 10.50%

Just Switch and PC right now. I've sold my Ps4 Pro last week...I will get the PS5 down the line but I'm not in a hurry.

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I'm only looking forward to God of War 5 so far, which I think is probably going to be a 2022 title. I'm sure Sony and third-parties will have other reveals up my alley in 2021, but for now I'm saving my money.

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I currently own a Switch and PS4, and my partner has an Xbox One that I frequently use. (Although not mainly for games) At the moment I see absolutely no reason to upgrade, they're too expensive to just drop that kind of money on when there aren't really any major exclusives compelling me to buy at the moment. I'd say by the end of the year, the only one I'll have is Switch since I already own one. I'll definitely get another console eventually, but not anytime soon. I'm mainly considering either PS5 or Xbox Series S.

Switch + Series X.

Series X pre-ordered without a problem. Even PS5 went out of stock here only a week ago. Seems like the demand for this next gen consoles is way lower here than expected according to stock allocation.


Just the Switch I will likely be looking to get a Series X towards this time next year as MS got some good stuff in the pipeline. I don't know if I will get a PS console next gen as Sony continue to make games that don't interest me and the Japanese games you required a PS console for in previous generations are now releasing on the Switch.

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By the end of 2020? Switch and Series X. By the end of 2021? All three.