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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favorite Microsoft exclusive franchise?


What is your favorite franchise under Microsoft tender loving care?

Halo 16 22.54%
The Elder Scrolls 15 21.13%
Gears of War 10 14.08%
Banjo-Kazooie 4 5.63%
Forza 2 2.82%
Fallout 4 5.63%
Minecraft 3 4.23%
Killer Instinct 2 2.82%
Fable 4 5.63%
Other 11 15.49%

Halo, by far. It's my most played game series of the past 20 years. Even ignoring the multiplayer, I've spent a considerable amount of time playing the single-player campaigns. Halo Infinite is still my most anticipated game of the coming year.

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Thats a tough one.Its out of..Halo, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, Ori and Killer Instinct Id give it to Halo, but just. 

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I voted Fable...but totally forgot about Age of Empires

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Halo. A truly immersive universe. Solid gameplay as well. GOAT tier.