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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Digital foundry: ORI devs best 3rd party for Nintendo

SKMBlake said:
Hynad said:

The game is still very demanding and has asset streaming issues and frame rate drops on the Switch despite all the optimization and various downgrades.

Not really. 1 occasional frame drop in heavy scenes isn't what I would call "having frame drop issues"

The framerate never gets aggravating on the Switch, but it does drop a lot more than that. It definitely does have asset streaming issues though, the game often freezes when you're moving between areas because it can't load them in time, sometimes the camera will just stop moving and you have to wait it out because if you don't, you'll get soft locked for going into a place that hadn't loaded yet. There's lots of little glitches like that, and regular crashes, too. It's far from a bad experience, and apparently it is better than Xbox One at launch, but you really are missing a lot of perspective here when it comes to the Switch port.

I'm pretty sure while you thought they were saying "welp, that's the best we can do", they were hard at work on optimizing the game for the Xbox One while also trying hard to make a Switch port run well. Back when they said it would be extremely difficult to make it run at 60fps on the Switch, well, it clearly was, because it was running at 20fps, but extremely difficult doesn't mean they'd given up so they kept working at it until it worked. Again, the Xbox One version has seen patches and fixes and has been running well since long before the Switch release.

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SKMBlake said:
curl-6 said:

Well they did say in the DF video that even with the optimizations added to Xbox post-launch, the Switch build still ran very poorly at first. The simple fact is it's significantly less powerful hardware and therefore required a lot more nips and tucks.

The video says that by doing a straight port of Xbox One version by reducing resolution of the game ran poorly and they had to do the optimization they did with the Xbox One version but in a larger scale, which is exactly my point from the begining.

Poorly optimized game --> clever optmization to have it running at 60 fps --> same optimization in a higher scale to have the Switch version running at 60 fps.

Even with all the optimization it is still a demanding game though. It's still doing advanced stuff most 2D games and even some 3D games don't attempt. 

I'm not denying its original Xbox release wasn't sufficiently optimized, but it's not like this is a simple, lightweight game that would've been easy to get running at 60fps.

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