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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity now live at Tokyo Game Show Online

curl-6 said:

This game will be kinda like Nintendo's Halo Reach; a prequel entry to one of their premiere franchises where we already know defeat is the outcome and the characters are killed off one by one.

You don't even have to look outside of Nintendo. This is Torna: The Golden Country all over again xDDD

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RolStoppable said:
TomaTito said:

Koei Tecmo sure likes their season passes, shouldn't rule that out. It can still happen.
But as Vodacixi notes this title is centred around BotW and random characters would look out of place.

They would only look out of place in the main story mode, but it's fair to expect a meaty secondary mode like the first Hyrule Warriors had, where canon is much less of a concern. Besides, they'll have to do something interesting if they want to sell their DLC packs.

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We also got King of Hyrule, Robbie and Purah in this new trailer.

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