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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox One X sales up 747%..... whoops.

Since my emails were ignored. Here I am, John2290, sick of these weak reasoned and lengthy moderations for saying the wrong thing and a mod team that is doing everything it can to kill this site quicker. So now that I've actually broken a rule instead of mildly hurting someones feelings without even interacting with them, I request my Permban on John2290 and of course this account will be banned. Please and thank you and good luck keeping this site alive while you alienate people with silly moderation.

Fourth massive rule break, get it done.

User was banned.

Last ban was like yesterday night. We have lives and jobs, and we're not going to get to emails right away. 

Not sure what the point of this was as you could have just stopped coming to the site, but whatever. You want it, you got it. 


Last edited by JWeinCom - on 23 September 2020

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Get this orange notification the fuck off my buddy