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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 vs Xbox Series X advantage

DonFerrari said:
Machiavellian said:

Sony has PS now but have they really pushed it.  Instead PS Now seems to be just another service to Sony which is why the strategy between MS and Sony on their different cloud platforms are so different.  MS whole business has shifted towards a service infrastructure, this is why MS is pushing gamepass and will continue to offer more enticing features because they look to gain as many subs outside of just the basic console.  Its not an issue of copying but infrastructure and moving their business and how they do things to a different level.  DO not get me wrong, I believe Sony is making a few early forays with putting a few of their first party games on the PC but such tentative approach.  I know Sony sees the strategy but they are willing to wait but the thing is waiting to long lose out on subs.  People only have so much money to split between these sub services and waiting to long could mean that by the time they want to get in, the window has passed.  Anyway only time will tell how this will go but I know for sure if Sony put all their first party games on PS Now day one, they would probably get near 100% buy in with the service.  Their execs do not see the bigger picture like MS and thus they could crush MS efforts if they wanted to.  Actually if they sold the PS5 with a PSNow sub plan with the hardware, it would sell like Iphones or Android phones in the 200 million + easily I believe.  With that many subs, it would easily pay for all first party big budget games with no problems at all.  Oh well, if only they were less traditional and more risk prone they could even be more dominant.

Sony is definitely in no danger of MS stealing their hardware marketshare but then again MS isn't concerned anymore about trying to take Sony hardware marketshare instead they are trying to slay bigger beast

Gamepass copying isn`t the samething as XCloud portion so not sure why the insistence on it being hard to copy this part. For the Xcloud portion sure Sony would need to improve PSNow a lot, but seeing as they are partnering with MS to use their Azzure network, the grunt of the work is already done for the expansion when needed.

What exactly made you believe I made that distinction.  XCloud is a service that is part of gamepass but it is an important one.  It allows MS to push games to multiple different hardware without the reliance on any particular system.  Apple, Android, IOS, Windows, TVs you name it.  The key is that Sony isn't pushing PSNow and they are not really looking to from what I can see.  You cannot just ramp up out of nowhere when you feel like it, money in these situations still plays a key part and getting to scale takes time.