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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch Online games for September 2020

Ah finally DKC2! That's nice. The completion of the DKC trilogy is one of the glaring omissions in the SNES library. Glad Nintendo is still occasionally adding games and improving the value of Switch Online. But they really need to add N64. I'm guessing Game Boy and perhaps GBA will come first though. I'm thinking N64 won't be added as long as Mario All-Stars is being sold, and presumably with a Zelda Collection coming early next year for Zelda's 35th anniversary, which is likely to include OoT and MM, it's possible we won't see N64 until 2022 once they've stopped selling that collection as well. But if they add GB and GBA in the next year and a half and then finally N64 in 2022 that'd still be slow as hell to get all those systems on here but would eventually make people happy. They just better plan to get all those systems on Switch Online eventually.