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Forums - Movies & TV - Netflix Loses Millions of Subscriptions Over Controversial Film, "Cuties" For Sexploiting Children

JuliusHackebeil said:
Eagle367 said:

I'm stuck in a dilemma now. I'm not one to watch these sorts of films because I feel there are better ways to portray such messages and I don't want to support the creators by watching them. But at the same time, I feel they might not have represented my religion fairly and have protracted it wrongly to people and they might leave the film thinking some wrong things about it so I need to watch it and find out what it says so I can point out the correct cultural criticisms and the wrongful representations and attributions. I don't want people to think the wrong things about my religion nor confuse culture with religion or just straight up movie dramatization and fiction. 

Like people going Hmm Hmm this is Islam when it might not be.

For what it is worth, wikipedia says the director is of Senegalese origins. And given her thourough research on young girls dancing, I would assume she is a muslim, or at least has muslim parents. Otherwise, she would probably not have touched the topic. But this is just a guess.

I'm curious on your thoughts of the portrail of Islam and how well it fits into your interpretation and world view.

People pretend everything Muslims do is due to Islam forgetting everything about culture for one thing. For example, female genital mutilations. They are a completely cultural thing. They also forget islam, like any religion, has interpretations and has been interpreted in a variety of ways, some legitimate and accepted as true while others not. Islam isn't rigid, it allows for diversity of thought and opinions. Sects exist by design. They are a feature, not a bug. The shari'ah isn't a monolith either. And Islam actually requires that if you marry more than once to treat all your wives with the same amount of respect and give them equal love and equal respect and equal everything. Very hard thing to do so in essence to be a very good Muslim, just marry once. That's among other things of course. We could be here for hours talking about everything or lifetimes.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

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i haven;t seen it, but i assume it's about showing how fked up it all is and how society has got to and get people thinking or aware, rather than a film solely based on explliting children for rhe fun of it. And that marketing on netflix was bad. But the issue with movies like this from what i have heard is included, is that it offers material for pedofiles to get off too. Would amovie of this nature do any good to people or parents? what is public awareness going to change that we don;t know exists already? if parents are stupid to not know what theyre kids do on tik tok or other platforms or know how easy it can be for kids to be manipulated or so on, then what would make them be aware or take notice of a movie like this, or maybe this movie might get there attention? i don't know. What is weird though is somepeople have reviews or responses on youtube regarding the film, and it's scary because they come accross as being pedofiles them selves.

they should be sued,
free netflix for every subscriber for 1 month
and take down whatever monstrosity they put in.

Last edited by LivncA_Dis3 - on 22 September 2020

LivncA_Dis3 said:

they should be sued,
free netflix for every subscriber for 1 month
and take down whatever monstrosity they put in.

I understand the critique but people should not be awarded for being outraged, we already got twitter for that and know the effects of it on people.

sundin13 said:
KManX89 said:

I've seen the claim that there is "female breast nudity of a minor" several times in this thread, however, upon a quick google, that appears to be false:

"that allegation is not true, and appears based on a false rumor."

This claim has been updated on IMDB, clarifying that the "female breast nudity" is in relation to an individual who is not a minor:

Actually, ShoeOnHead watched the movie (God bless her soul for enduring that), and she confirmed it WAS a minor who flashed her breasts:

But perhaps what's more disturbing is the fact that some liberal bloggers and posters are making this a partisan issue, as if the disgusting exploitation of underaged girls in skimpy outfits is something to draw party lines on. Fuck off with that nonsense, I mean that in the sincerest way possible. This is NOT a hill you want to die on, and it's NOT a good look for you to say "well, Trump supporters are vilifying this disgusting pro-pedo movie, so I'm gonna defend it". Being disgusted by frequent zoom-ins on scantily clad prepubescent girls' crotch and ass is NOT a partisan issue, it's a human decency issue. You don't get 70K likes to 2.1M dislikes by having ONE group of people outraged by the trailer, yet a sect of leftists took it upon themselves to make it a point of contention where it shouldn't exist. You're making the other side look better by defending this filth just to be a contrarian, knock it off.

Luckily fellow leftist ShoeOnHead sees it for what it is: disgusting pedobait because that's what it is, I'm sorry.