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Which Nintendo compilation should happen next?

Zelda 23 44.23%
Metroid 10 19.23%
Donkey Kong 7 13.46%
F-Zero 0 0.00%
Pikmin 1 1.92%
Golden Sun 5 9.62%
Star Fox 1 1.92%
Animal Crossing 0 0.00%
Wario 0 0.00%
Other (Please be specific) 5 9.62%
Dulfite said:
burninmylight said:

That's how you improve upon a masterpiece! Whenever I play TTYD, I always imagine New Game+ content where you actually go on Luigi's adventures that he blabs on about with his partners that absolutely loathe him, lol.Those stories are begging to be made for a TTYD remake/re-release.

Imagine it being in a sepia tone when playing from his POV in battle, but switching to a normal view whenever his partner's turn comes up. And most of his team attacks with the partner's would be him either fumbling or lucking his way through them and the partners having to frustratingly compensate for it.

Either way, TTYD is now the biggest game that needs to be rescued from a dead console, and those will always be my first picks for new remakes and compilations.

Next up: Fire Emblem: The Radiant Collection.

Oh my goodness that would be hilarious! Seeing Luigi annoy his partners with his buffoonery's the whole time haha.

Now I wanna see that too. XD

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The Legend of Zelda. But first things first, future compilations need to be improved. They should not be limited time, at least for digital versions. And they also need to justify the $60 price tag more.

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Just give me a Zelda OoT, MM, WW, and TP collection and the Metroid Prime Trilogy. And also add in Galaxy 2 in an update to the Mario Collection to complete it so its not strangely incomplete.

Based on the assumption that Nintendo would just include any NES or SNES games on their online subscription service, I'm wondering if there could be a compilation based on the N64 or GameCube games.

Maybe a "GameCube Racing Collection" with Double Dash, Kirby's Air Ride, F-Zero GX, and Wave Race: Blue Storm?

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