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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Windows Central: XSX: $499, XSS: $299 coming November 10th

All these names are so confusing.

So this is MS new generation consoles? or is it just another version this generation?

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Naum said:
All these names are so confusing.

So this is MS new generation consoles? or is it just another version this generation?

New generation:

6th gen- Xbox

7th gen- Xbox 360

8th gen- Xbox One (S and X)

9th gen- Xbox Series (S and X)

Hard to tell what they will name their 10th gen systems. Series S2 and X2, or Series 2 S and 2 X? Something else entirely, dropping Series in favor of another name? Nobody knows. We also have no idea what they might call a possible mid-gen refresh Xbox Series console if they have one planned. 

Series X costs as much as I expected, but I was skeptical of $300 for Series S (thought $350 would be more realistic).

How good or bad this pricing strategy is will depend on Sony's PS5 prices. But in any case, it's good to have confirmation for one manufacturer, because now it can't take long until the other one comes forward as well.

$500 is what I expect for the proper PS5, but I am skeptical of $400 for the digital edition. That comes across as too much of a lossleader because Sony would have to give retailers one hell of a deal to get the retail price that low for a console that retailers can't make much secondary profit off.

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Ljink96 said:
haxxiy said:

Sony had other cash cows back in the day and wanted to promote their optical media with PlayStation. Very different situation.

Maaaybe the digital will be $399 if they're feeling specially generous, anything lower seems just unrealistic.

Well, even with the PS4 they undercut Microsoft. But I maintain that I feel Sony wants a 400 dollar system to remain on the market while PS4 Pro drops from $399. I think we're seeing Sony wanting to branch out into more homes, and I don't think more expensive is how you do that. They've been down that route before. $399 is that sweet spot for Sony and one way or another I think they're going to hit it. 

Sony doesn't want to undercut anymore, because they want people to think PS5 has value. If PS5 is cheaper than the XBSX, than they are telling the consumers that the PS5 is weaker and less valuable than the XBSX. The high price will also lead to higher profits.

Nintendo hasn't price cut the Switch yet and pretty much never price cuts their software and they get high profits and consumers think their SW is more valuable.

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Lower than I thought considering its BOM vs One X which launched at the same price.

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A lot of people keep saying over and over again that Sony will lose money if the PS5 is released at $399, but they'd lose goodwill from many fans by pricing it the same or more than the most powerful console out there right now. If they want to wow people like they've done with the PS1 and the PS4, they will go at a price point that will offer people a greater value despite its pitiful specs.

They are definitely in a pickle right now.

They can't release a week earlier (Nov 3) because that's the day of the US Elections. Releasing a few days after the elections (Nov 5-6) would prove unwise due to the outcome and fallout that may come from it. A few days before Xbox release? Saturday? Sunday? The Monday before? They will definitely have to eat the week later.

Regarding the disc version of the PS5, they cannot do 599 US Dollars this time, not with the weaker console. Unless they showcase GTA 6 on their conference and have some sort of strong exclusivity deal to justify the premium. $499 would seem like desperation to equal their price, like $449. $399 is the death sentence everyone seems to be talking about, but it could be their saving grace as it doesn't kill the momentum going into this generation. While people right now at Twitter are fervently expecting a price announcement, I also believe they expect a lower price than the Xboxes.

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That's a good price for Microsoft's consoles and those financing options are intriguing. As for Sony, I don't see them undercutting Xbox Series X for their disc version. The end of life of the PS4 has shown that Sony is more interested in maximizing profits since a price cut is long overdue for the system (especially in Japan).

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Wasn't the BOM based on consumer cost not on manufacturer cost or mass production costs?!

Also, not sure how they will struggle and MS hasn't with the X series as they should cost similar. The IO set up isn't licensed and made of regular parts. The design cost mostly sits with R&D. The GPU is cheaper as is the cost of the SSD. Surely the controller alone won't make up the difference in price.

I still believe the ps5 is cheaper to produce than the series x. But I'll be happy to pay up to £500 for it.

Looks like the waiting game is finally coming to an end people. We will finally have full prices soon lol

300$ is a pretty good price for the S hardware. Throw in a good external upscaler (might be integrated in your TV) and you have an acceptable 4K peasant experience.