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I think the best is...

Alien 23 46.00%
Aliens 27 54.00%

It's 50-50 for me. They are very different films, so depending on the mood I'm in, it can go both ways. I generally preffered Alien a bit more, but the last time I watched them (not too long ago, finally let my kids enjoy them), Aliens is one I liked slightly more.

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Both are very good, but personally I like the sequel better. I think it's one of the best films of all time and it certainly was one of the formative movies of my adolescence. It takes the core from the first film and simply makes everything bigger and better. It expands on the world, the lore and the arc of the main protagonist flawlessly. Everything comes together in a way that I don't think can be done again. The following sequels have been more or less crappy.

I can't decide. -_-

Both are masterpieces in horror with merits that they each have over the other. Alien has unbridled terror but not much action. Aliens had lots of combat but less horror.

Alien 3 can fuck itself. Even David Fincher (the director) hated it. At least he moved on to better movies and shows.

The only good thing I know that came from Alien 3 was this game:

Aliens - and in particular the sentry guns :)

Jumpinbeans said:
Aliens - and in particular the sentry guns :)

And a more satisfying ending. ^^ Which Alien 3 royally fucked up.

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Tough choice, both represent excellent early works from Ridley Scott and James Cameron, and both pushed the boundaries of the Sci-Fi Horror & Sci-Fi Action genres. Alien is more unique and broke new ground with a lead female protagonist with a deep focus on tension,mystery, horror and the feeling of isolation and the unknown.

Aliens on the other hand, dialled the action upto 11 and focused on character relationships/ world-building and the effects that the Alien creature had on the colonists. We begin to understand more about the creatures breeding habits and the fact that a Queen exists as if they are like a hivemind. I would give the edge to Aliens, but only by a smidge.

Both are good. Aliens is better. I am actually surprised the poll results are this close. I guess there are a lot of people who prefer the style of the first movie.

The poll is neck and neck. It's a tough choice for sure!

Alien vs. Predator 1. The rest in both series make me want to pour tarter sauce on my eyes.

The first is more refined in building up tension and developing the whole plot and characters, for my tastes it's slightly better. The sequel is great too, anyway, and Lance Henriksen is excellent.

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