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In New Zealand.

With Sky Sports we've got Packers-Vikings, Bucs-Saints and the SNF game on ESPN2.
Got the NBA Clippers-Nuggets on ESPN1 too.

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If I could, I’d trade you the Packers-Vikings for the Seahawks-Falcons.

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Packers went on 4th down, clean throw but clean dropped by Adams. Staredown from Rodgers says it all.

...and just as I'm typing this, Packers force a safety. Not all bad.

PAOerfulone said:
So what’s the regional coverage in everyone’s area?

I’m living in southern Arizona.

On CBS, I’ve got the Dolphins-Patriots.
On FOX, I’ve got the Packers-Vikings. Then after that, Cardinals-49ers.

American in Dubai... don't have many options of watching. However, some of my students some years ago gave me some livestream websites for soccer (soccer is huge hear). Anyhow streaming website laws are lax here and I can get NFL games on some of those before mentioned stream sites.

Don't judge me :(

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Reading “Eagles @ Football Tram” is just goofy as all hell. 😂

I get changing the name, but they really couldn’t come up with something else in the offseason?
I liked the sound of “Washington Warriors.”

Hardware Comparison Threads:

PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch: 2019 vs. 2020

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Packers are prime and poised to take the lead after that catch by Adams.

Hardware Comparison Threads:

PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch: 2019 vs. 2020

So looking at the scoreboards, Josh Allen is putting on an absolute show against the Butt Fumble.

Then I go to twitter:

Fitzpatrick has already thrown 2 picks. Cam Newton seems effective but the Pats offense is still non-threatening, they miss field goal to end half. AFC East 2020.

hatmoza said:
sethnintendo said:

Sounds like they have their work cut out for them.  I just remember every year sportscasters always try to prop up some underdog team or whatever saying this is their year or whatever because of their draft choices or trades from previous year.  Remember last year when they hyped Baker Mayfield and the fucking Browns?  Well guess what the browns still suck and Baker Mayfield can suck a dick.  This coming from a TTU fan and Mayfield is a little bitch that went to OU cause he sucked at TTU.  I grew up in Ohio and at least I had common knowledge not to root for Ohio teams because they suck.

Been meaning to respond to this. You say the same shit every year. "oh I used to live in Ohio", "fuck the Browns", "they will never succeed" etc etc. But in reality, you sound JUST like a miserable Browns fan... a closeted one XD

For fun, I would eventually go back and pull those posts up, eventually. So please don't go back and delete them! We need them for future comic relief!

Lol never was browns fan.   I actually liked Michigan when I grew up in Ohio to spite my mom that went to Ohio State.  Part of reason why I became a Pats fan because Tom Brady went to Michigan when I was in HS.  

Granted I was little harsh on Baker Mayfield but I believe he only looked good at OU because OU had a badass team.  Kingsbury was starting Davis Webb over Mayfield even after he healed up. Mahomes eventually became TTU starting QB in following year and we all know who is a better QB.  

Mayfield didn't look too good in blowout loss to Ravens.   Browns still have plenty work to do.   Funny browns moved to Baltimore and then became good.

Don't worry I won't delete my posts.  The browns haven't been good since like the 50s.

Couldn't watch the Packers game, but the play-by-play rundown shows a strong performance by Rodgers where he could connect on deep throws; 350+ yards and 4 TDs today. Ground game was merely solid with Jones averaging just above 4 yards, but it doesn't need to be more to consistently move the chains. Offense looked better than a season ago when it had repeatedly trouble to get into rhythm. On the other side of the ball, the defense didn't improve. It's good in bursts, then looks like it isn't even on the field.

Regardless, a good start into the season with a win in Minnesota. Can't expect everything to go well in week 1 and the Packers are supposed to be an offense-first team, so if the offense clicks right away, then that's promising.

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