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Forums - Sports Discussion - The NFL Thread 2020: Tampa Bay Buccaneers win Super Bowl LV

TallSilhouette said:

Kansas City is pissing me the fuck off with all these penalties. Hope we can straighten up.

That Evans throw wasn't even catchable, but of course, Brady be doin' this before the game:

So of course they threw the flag.

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19 point difference

Chiefs good at comeback so not over yet.

It’s been the tale of two defenses more than anything else. The Bucs defense isn’t letting Mahomes do anything. They’ve been smothering him and the Chiefs all game long.
Meanwhile, Brady and the Bucs have been doing whatever they want and the Chiefs defense has been frustrated and throwing tantrums instead of staying focused on the game.

This game has been an utter disappointment. Total mismatch.

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TB defense looking too strong.

Meanwhile, Mahomes not looking like Mahomes.

Are Chiefs gonna be held to single digits?

Man, if only Brady had gone to the Chargers.

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Well that was frustrating. Tampa definitely got a little help from the refs, but it definitely wasn't enough to decide the game, either. Chiefs were off and not themselves. Fuck you, Brady. Well played.