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I choose...

Dunkirk 3 3.53%
Inception 14 16.47%
Interstellar 22 25.88%
Memento 6 7.06%
Batman Begins 3 3.53%
The Dark Knight 29 34.12%
The Dark Knight Rises 0 0%
The Prestige 8 9.41%
Insomnia 0 0%
Following 0 0%

Well, I finally saw Tenet.

Has some cool ideas, and indeed some powerful moments, but I felt it was a little too ambitious and ultimately came across as a bit convoluted. Still a well made and interesting movie, but definitely not as great as Dunkirk and so my #1 pick still stands now that I've seen Nolan's entire filmography to date.

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Memento. The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Interstellar all have the plus of having super interesting universes and I love them for it... But Memento is so well done, so mysterious, it has a great script full of unexpected twists... I could easily put it in a list of my favourite movies ever. The other movies are also incredible (I almost put Interstellar on top), but I believe Memento is a step ahead of all the others. So Memento it is.

I watched Tenet last week... and it was just too convoluted. Too much things are thrown at you at the same time, people talk about characters and things like if you already knew them making me even more confused... it's not until the second half of the movie that you get a decent grasp of the whole situation. An by that time, it's just another movie about time travel. By far Nolan's worst work.

I still have to watch Dunkirk though.