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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why are Nintendo games selling better than they ever on the Switch?

I think a big factor that people seem to forget is social media. It is way easier to promote your games now and the effect of word of mouth is stronger and faster too. Usually people bought only what they knew, Mario mainly (on Nintendo systems i mean). But i feel like people are now more than ever aware of exclusives, we can only see that with the PS4 compared to exclusives sales on PS3.

Also, having only 1 console, games are most of the time more polish and ambitious, thus far giving better reviews which lands the marketing better and makes the point above stronger. But like everyone said, Switch is a hot item that consumers love, so they like putting money on it.

I would like to add that 1 system instead of 2, i personnally find myself willing to buy/have more time to play games i wouldn't normally play instead of having 2 mario karts, 2 mario 2D games, etc..

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Soundwave said:

The Nintendo fanbase is older and the Switch is appealling to adults.

The majority of Nintendo's fans are 18+ now, even something like Pokemon which is supposed to be a "kids IP" ... I would venture a bet that the majority of people buying the franchise these days are 16-30+ years old, not 6-14 years old.

Time is not a static property. A person who was 8 years old and got a DS for Christmas 2008 and became a Nintendo fan is today 20 years old, that's happened over and over and over again that now the adults outnumber the kids.

Older people tend to have their own jobs and their own disposable income, they don't need to wait for mommy/daddy to buy them a game or system for their birthday/Christmas. An older fanbase simply buys more games and has more disposable income. 

Still, do not understimate the "begging" power of those who belong to 6-14 year old demographic. They can also ask their Mom and Dad to buy them a Switch because of Pokemon, Mario, and AC. So if you combine these numbers with your "adult" numbers, you have a stratospheric sales for these games.

Broader appeal of their IPs. Nintendo games can be enjoyed from 6 years old kids to 60 years old adults.

Why do you think Disney live action movies were making bucks in box office? Not only kids were attending, but people who were kids when the movies were originally released

The lasting appeal of Nintendo franchises made people loyal or at least sympathetic with Nintendo's games. This trust wasn't really disturbed until today, the result is that you have three different generations of consumers who played Mario Kart before (SNES/64, GC/Wii and now Wii U/Switch) buying Mario Kart 8

The exceptions are the ones who either have their older consumers "trust" degraded with time (like Pokemon) or just failed to connect with newer audiences, surviving from nostalgic people only (maybe Super Mario Bros U deluxe?)

let see...
best selling zelda game
best selling animal crossing game
best selling 3d mario game
second best selling mario kart (insane since it is only a port)
second best selling kirby game
Pokemon still on third but might... might end up as second best selling pokemon game
best selling splatoon (they only have 2)
best selling super smash game
best selling luigi mansion game

damn... switch IS killing it :)