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How do you grade SOP August 6th 2020?

Thank God they advised to... 9 24.32%
Lot`s of gameplay/10 3 8.11%
7+ (Very good) 5 13.51%
3 - (Very bad) 9 24.32%
4 to 6 (Lukewarm) 11 29.73%
yvanjean said:
DonFerrari said:

Very trustworthy sources for sure, must be the same ones that swear PS4 also had always online DRM and removed it after MS backlash.

Regardless of the source, the main fact is Sony caught Microsoft red-handed and undercut them $100 with the release of PS4. There is an unprecedented game of chicken being played by Sony and Microsoft this late into a launch year of new consoles. 

Yes ps4 was 100 cheaper and all indicates ps5 will be as well.

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