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Forums - Sony Discussion - Cuphead coming to PS4 (Launch Trailer is live)

Was tempted to buy this on Switch. Happy I can get it on PS4 now. Is co-op local only or can you play with a friend online too?

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

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Hiku said:
SvennoJ said:
Is this harder or easier than Celeste? I can't get far in that game, the mental gymnastics required to use Z,X and C on the keyboard are doing my head in.

Can you
1.) Read text on screen?
2.) jump and then dash?

If not, then you may find it incredibly difficult.

haha, yeah if you use the same finger for A and Y, I can see where failure comes from.

With Celeste Z is grab (to climb), X is dash and C is jump. A lot of jumps involve all 3 while pushing the right direction (arrow keys to get 8 directions). Plus it's all double or triple jump combinations with grab climb in between. I'm not used to using ring, middle and index finger like that (on z,x,c) so ugh, tough game!

Cuphead on ps4 looks easier to navigate. Although what's A and Y :p

Great game

Hiku said:
Alara317 said:
Man, I want this but I already have it on PC and Switch. Plus, I bet the trophies would be hard as hell.

Platinum Trophy - Clear the jump in the tutorial.

Ouch! I can do that! 

DPsx7 said:
I've also heard people say this is hard. Then again they said the same for Megaman 9 and 10 which weren't bad at all. Probably helps I grew up with the original MM games.

I admit that I'm not the gamer I was in the 80s but I used to blast through what were considered some of the hardest NES and SNES games of all time in a weekend rental.

Cuphead kicked my ass. I think I got halfway through it. But again, I'm not the gamer I used to be.

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I actually want this, but I’m still waiting for the retail version.

Dev said a physical will happen about a year ago. Still waiting.

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