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Gameplay for The Medium. This looks like a Horror Adventure Game and very innovative!

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

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It looks really interesting. As a PC gamer, I will look forward for this.

I really like the concept, mixing two worlds and puzzle solving. Graphics looks pretty decent as well.. not sold on it yet, but game has me intrigued.

I wonder if there is going to be any combat in there.

Looks like Silent Hill

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Looks pretty amazing. Looking forward to a new horror game.


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The split screen idea is neat, but I'm not seeing what function it actually serves from a gameplay perspective. Looks very gimmicky atm.

I would say that having x-ray vision to help solve puzzles instead of the split-screen. Is a missed opportunity in this video. Hopefully that materialises more in other sections.

Also, it seems like changing from one world to another is game determined, and so far looks like it happens as like a 'cutscene'. I don't know how else to explain it but clearly you lose control of the character when it transitions (this is seeable in the original trailer too).

So, a cool concept but nothing about this video sells me on this game unfortunately.

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In my steam wish list already

In my steam pre-ordered list already

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Between the story bits we've seen so far and the pretty creative style of game play shown in the trailer linked in the OP, I'm very interested in this game and I want the best version of it! To that end, I'm leaning toward pre-ordering the Series X version.