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Which lastest show was better?

PS5 58 67.44%
XSX 23 26.74%
curl-6 said:
DonFerrari said:

Uncharted 4 is my least favorite (if we don't count the spin-off since it is well lower scope), but still great and fun game to play. Will be very cheap for you to try on PS5 if you just go for BC (in case Sony decides to re-release with full price to justify some added tweaks, wouldn't doubt it).

Even if they did remaster it, I'd just choose the PS4 version for a cheaper price.

Only way I would buy it as remastered would be if it was 20 bucks or less... I didn't buy even the UC 1-3 collection (got as gift long after) and GoW3 and TLOUR I think I paid like 10 bucks. And I bet the UC 1-3 had a lot more improvements than a UC4 is likely to have.

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On the XSX side, about the only Xbone game I'd be interested in via backwards compatibility is Gears 5.
Still, between the two that's three extra games in addition to the new ones they bring to the table, every little bit helps fill those gaps between big releases.

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