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So, all-in-all, a very underwhelming show, Splitting what they had between 2 events was a mistake. Even though Watch Dogs, AC, and Far Cry all look really good, I have to give it a 5/10 since the show was pretty much just those 3 games, plus some mobile games and a battle royale.

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I'm looking forward to AC Valhalla, but everything else they showed told me that I would not be buying them.

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Like every Ubisoft conference

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Felt a bit light on content for 45 minutes. But Assassin Creed and Watch Dogs do look promising so far though.


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well Im dual wielding 2 Shields

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Ass Creed looked like ass, these cross GEN titles look rough ...


Yeah, that was boring as hell. Never been into Watch Dogs. Legion looks to have a bit more personality, but still not for me. Was pretty much done with FarCry after the 4th one. Ill check out AC:Valhalla since you play as a norwegian viking character. It looks ok. Really wanted to see some other games than your usual the world has gone to shit Ubisoft game. Shame.

Press and Youtubers were already invited to play AC Valhalla.
I'm seeing the first gameplay videos popping up on Youtube.