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I wasn't that confident before, but the more I've seen the more I've liked. The State of Play for it in particular looked great.

I'm gonna go with 90.

Sucker Punch have never had a game average over 88 and I don't really see that changing.

I'll go 87.

It's incredibly pretty but it's not really doing anything different or groundbreaking.



StokedUp said:
81 game looks OK, but nothing special.

^lol see above.

But as I said 8/10 isn't special. Special would be 90+

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I'll go with an 85

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I really hope it can qualify as a spiritual successor to Tenchu. Some of the gameplay previews I've seen have me hopeful. I'll go with 92 which I know is wishful thinking but I don't care.

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88 in meta but it Will BE 95 in my opinion, waiting for years for. A samurai game like this


You're all underestimating just how much weed these journalists smoke. A game like this, with the visuals, the atmosphere, the vibes, the cinematic aspects and focus of artsy ancient cinema as well as the snootiness that'll bring to them competing against each other to know these old films and influences without doing the work, as long as nothing is broken or it's not too difficult, it's easily a 90+ just from what we've been shown so far unless there are glaring issues or the gameplay is dog shite. I locked my score in at 90 and that's what I'm expecting it to fall to after a few days with an initial higher bump in the first day. 92/3 on that initial 14th emargo lift.


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JRPGfan said:
I honestly think it can be a 90+ rated game.
The detail and polish looks higher than typical 80's rated games to me.

We've seen gameplay, and it looks pretty damn good, so I dont expect that to get in the way.
I expect it to review well, atleasat in the high 80's if not above 90's.

Any actual prediction, tho?